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Chat or call the driver after the order completed

Can I chat with the driver from the GoFood website?

Sorry, currently the chat with drivers feature is not yet available on https://gofood.co.id. But you can do it through the application by opening your GoFood transaction history directly from the Gojek App. Please follow the steps as described below.


Chat or call the driver after the order completed

Now you can chat or call the driver after your order is completed. So, if there’s something wrong with your order such as the items you received is not complete or if the driver has completed the order but your item isn’t delivered yet, or even if you left your belongings in driver's vehicle, you can still chat* or call the driver (via "Chat with Support"** button).

*This feature is currently available for GoFood, GoMart, GoSend, GoShop, GoCar, and GoBluebird only. Don’t worry, we’re working on making the feature available for other Gojek services.

To chat with driver, tap on Orders > History, then you will see the Chat button on the recently completed order. You can chat the driver up to 2 hours after the order is completed.

To call the driver on GoFood order, tap on Orders > History > pick the order > tap “Need help” > tap the “Chat with Support” > choose "Driver completed order without delivering" and you’ll find a button to call the driver.

If your order has been completed for more than 2 hours, you can still see your chat history with the driver for 24 hours after the order is completed. After 24 hours, you can no longer see the chat history. 

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