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My package status
My package status

We know sometimes it’s confusing to see your order status in GoSend Same Day Delivery service when using it. So, let’s see the meaning for each status below!

If you order GoSend Same Day Delivery through your Gojek app: 

Your order is confirmed and a driver will be assigned 
to pick up your package around the approximate hour

Driver has been assigned to pick up and deliver 
your package within the approximate hour

Driver is on the way to pick up your package

Your package is already with the Driver
and ready to be shipped to the recipient

Your package will arrive in the approximate time

Your package is on hold, you need to contact the Driver
for further information about it

If you order GoSend Same Day Delivery through e-commerce:

  • If the number you use in e-commerce is the same as the number on your Gojek account, you can track the order status or driver position from Inbox on the Chat feature in the top right corner of your Gojek app homepage

(Example of notification in Inbox. To track order status, click on the image)

  • If the number you use in e-commerce is different from the number on your Gojek account, you will get an SMS with a link to track the order status or driver position

When you click the link on the SMS, you will be directed to GoSend Same Day Delivery live tracking, and it looks like this:

These are the definitions of each status:

  • Order Confirmed: Seller has packed your item and clicked the pick up button to call a Driver
  • Driver Assigned: Driver has been found and ready to go to the seller’s location
  • Pickup: Driver will go to the seller's location and ready to pick up your item
  • Pickup Completed: Your item has been received by Driver
  • Out for Delivery: Driver is on the way to the delivery destination
  • Delivery Completed: Your item has arrived

But.. there’s another thing that you can’t miss

Please ensure that our driver can access the delivery location. If the delivery location is an apartment, office building, etc., and you wanted the driver to go up to the destination floor, please make sure that our driver is allowed to go there. There is a possibility that your package or documents have been delivered to the destination, but the driver cannot go there without permission. Who knows?