How to order GoSend Multi Delivery within city

Good news! GoSend Multi Delivery is available on the Gojek app; with this service, you can send packages to several different addresses in one transaction (maximum five delivery addresses). 

For example:

  • Sender A wants to send a package to 3 people (B, C, D) at different addresses: recipient B in Kemang, C in Lenteng Agung, and D in Senayan; or
  • Sender A wants to send a package to 3 people (B, C, D) at one location, namely the Pasaraya building: recipient B on the 2nd floor, C on the 4th floor, and D on the 6th floor.

Here are the steps to order GoSend Multi delivery:

  • Select GoSend on the Gojek homepage > select Within city
  • Complete delivery details such as; Name and address of sender & recipient, type & weight of goods to be sent.
  • Click Add on the order checkout page to add the following shipping address > complete shipping details as before. 

  • Select Instant > select payment method > click Order GoSend

For more information about the terms and conditions of packages sent using GoSend Multi delivery, please click the Terms and conditions GoSend goodsarticle.

Hope this information helps you :)

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