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Type of GoSend services
Type of GoSend services

There are three types of GoSend delivery services that you can use:

Instant Delivery

This service can be used 24 hours while the driver is available. The delivery time for a single delivery address is 1 - 2 hours after the driver picks up the package.

Instant Delivery also provides Multi Delivery service, which is a service that you can use to send packages to more than one or a maximum of five different delivery addresses. The delivery time of Multi Delivery is 1 - 3 hours after the driver picks up the packages depending on the number of delivery addresses and the distance between each address.

The maximum delivery distance for Instant and Multi Delivery of 50 km.

Same-Day Delivery:

Your package will be delivered within 6 - 8 hours after being picked up by the driver. The booking time of this service is 8:00 - 15:00 and is only available in Jadetabek area.

This service can also be used as a shipping method when you shop at e-commerce. If, when using the Same Day Delivery service on e-commerce, you experience problems, you can get further treatment by contacting the relevant e-commerce.

GoSend Insurance - Terms and Conditions

  • Gojek provides compensation for the product loss of up to Rp10.000.000. The compensation is based on receipt of the purchase and or referring to the market price.
  • For those who buy goods in Tokopedia, compensation for the product loss is up to 10 times the maximum shipping cost. The maximum compensation is Rp1.000.000.

Other Terms and Conditions

For purchasing goods in Tokopedia: If on the same day the driver has not taken the item(s) and resulting order cancellation by the driver, Tokopedia Customer Service, or Customer Service GoSend, Tokopedia will order a random delivery service replacement on the following day.