GoSend Insurance

GoSend, in collaboration with PasarPolis, provides insurance on every item you send to ensure that the item arrives at its destination in good condition. Using the GoSend service, you automatically get a maximum insurance coverage value of up to Rp1.000.000 without additional costs.

You can also get additional insurance by choosing one of the extra protections provided by GoSend.

Here are the type of extra protections and the coverage value

Order via Gojek app:

  • Silver package protection: By choosing Silver protection, you can get maximum insurance coverage up to Rp5.000.000.
  • Gold package protection: By choosing Gold protection, you can get maximum insurance coverage up to Rp10.000.000.
  • Platinum package protection: By choosing Platinum protection, you can get maximum insurance coverage up to Rp25.000.000.

Here’s how to choose it:

  • Click Select on the delivery details page

  • Select extra protection that you want > click Select protection

Order via e-commerce:
Each time you use GoSend service on the e-commerce partner platform, you are automatically get a maximum insurance coverage up to Rp10.000.000 without additional costs.

Terms of how to claim

  • Broken and/or missing goods that are qualified/suitable with GoSend’s terms & conditions will be covered based on the insurance package that you chose. 
  • To the package, you need to write down the details of the package in the package name section (e.g. Samsung S10, Black, 128GB). 
  • For orders via e-commerce, customers only need to attach a purchase invoice when filing a claim.

If you fail to put details in the package details section, GoSend and/or insurance providers will use this provisions to calculate the value of the coverage limit for the goods 

Click HERE for more information like how to claim, types of goods that cannot be insured, and claim submission limit. 

Hope this information helps you.

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