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GoRide SafeTrip Basic Insurance
GoRide SafeTrip Basic Insurance

We always strive to provide the best experience for you by paying special attention to your security, and comfort while using Gojek services. To that end, we also make sure that you are fully protected in the case of an accident, especially when ordering on GoRide services. 

Gojek in collaboration with PasarPolis, one of the best insurance companies around, works to provide the benefit of protection in the form of a maximum safety guarantee for you throughout your entire trip. 

When you are on the trip with GoRide, you are automatically protected and receive all the benefits of protection from PasarPolis for free, without paying any fee for the insurance. All costs are borne by Gojek.  

I. What benefits will I get from PasarPolis?

Here are the benefits that you’ll get from the insurance: 

  • Loss or damage of personal property due to theft (Begal)This insurance benefit is given if a passenger experiences a criminal act that causes loss or damage to their personal property. This insurance value is up to Rp1.000.000per event
  • Medical expensesThis insurance benefit is given if a passenger gets an accident that causes injury and requires medical treatment. Medical expenses the cost of the room (if hospitalized) and medications. The insurance coverage is worth up to Rp25.000.000per event
  • Permanent disabilityThis insurance benefit is given if a passenger gets into an accident that causes the loss of a limb, loss of body parts function, or has been declared permanently disabled by the doctor. The value of permanent disability is in based on the percentage for each part of the body, worth up to Rp50.000.000 per event
  • Death by accidentDeath compensation is given as a cover to the traffic accident in the incident valued at Rp50.000.000 and funeral costs of up to Rp1.000.000

II. Who is covered by this insurance?

The eligible parties for this insurance are: 

  1. Passengers who have registered in the Gojek application, pay for and order GoRide transportation services 
  2. GoRide passengers who are not a Gojek account holder, whose transport services are ordered by Gojek account owners 

III. How do I submit a claim?

When you make a claim, all evidence of events and required documents, such as the order number, photo of your identity card, medical records, receipts or proof of hospital fees, accident reports from the police or a Police Official Report (BAP), and other documents, all of which are submitted and sent via the PasarPolis online form. 

You can make a claim in the online form below: 

PasarPolis Insurance Claim Form

(Click the text above to open the form)

After you fill out the claim form on the PasarPolis online form, we or PasarPolis may contact you to ask some questions related to the incident to ensure that the information is complete (such as what, who, why, when, where and how regarding the chronology of events). 

IV. What documents are needed to submit a claim?

Below is a list of documents or proof on each event that you need to prepare before submitting an insurance claim: 

Loss or damage of personal property due to theft (Begal)

  • Photo of your ID card (KTP) 
  • Police Official Report (BAP) of the incident 
  • Photographic evidence or medical records showing signs of physical violence 
  • Details of damaged/missing items 
  • Other documents if needed 

Reimbursement of medical expenses

  • Photo of your ID card (KTP) 
  • Police Official Report (BAP) stating if the incident was caused by a traffic accident 
  • Details of medical expenses accrued during treatment at a hospital/clinic 
  • Laboratory and X-Ray results 
  • Other documents if needed 

Inpatient or Outpatient due to an accident

  • Photo of your ID card (KTP) 
  • Police Official Report (BAP) stating if the incident was caused by a traffic accident 
  • Details of medical expenses accrued during treatment at a hospital/clinic 
  • Laboratory and X-Ray results 
  • Other documents if needed 

Death or Permanent Disability due to an accident

  • Photo of the ID card (KTP) 
  • Original Death Certificate 
  • Original heir statement 
  • Copy of the heir's identity card (KTP & KK) 
  • Police Official Report (BAP) if the incident is caused by a traffic accident 
  • Death certificate from the hospital (if the passenger died in the hospital) 
  • Laboratory and X-ray results (if the passenger died in the hospital) 
  • Order number (for claims of death due to an accident on GO-RIDE) 
  • Other documents if needed 

V. Is there a deadline for a claim submission?

Claims related to an accident while using GoRide should be submitted through PasarPolis online form in no later than 30 daysafter the incident.

VI. How long does it take to process the claim?

Your claim will be reviewed first by PasarPolis until it is marked complete. Pasarpolis will then inform you if the document is complete and ready to be processed or incomplete via email. When you are filling out the claims form, please make sure that the email address you wrote is one you use regularly. 

You will receive the benefits of reimbursement in the following time after the document is declared as complete: 

  1. 5 (five) business daysfor a claim which does not result in death
  2. 7 (seven) business days for a claim whichresulted in death

VII. How do I know the status of my claim submission?

You can see the status of your claim submission by clicking the email sent by PasarPolis. So, don't forget to always bookmark or star the email to make it easier for you to find it. 

VIII. Insurance claim exceptions

Your insurance claim becomes invalid or rejected if: 

  • Involved in war, military operations, and riot actions 
  • All pre-existing conditions or pre-existing conditions, birth defects/disorders, and hereditary diseases 
  • All actions are illegal and not in accordance with legal rules by the insured party 
  • All incidents involving insured parties include medical conditions of pregnancy, childbirth, or miscarriage, abortion, prenatal and postnatal conditions and complications resulting from infectious diseases 
  • Doing dangerous activities 
  • In cases where a crime has been committed by the driver, please report it immediately to us via in-app help 
  • Psychiatric disorders, nerves and various conditions under the influence of alcohol or drugs (other than those prescribed by experts) 
  • Nuclear reactions, radiation, or radioactive contamination 
  • Nuclear, chemical or biological terrorism 
  • Suicide or intentional injury 
  • The insured party has blood alcohol levels higher than those stated in the driving rules 
  • The insured party does not make efforts to avoid accidents 

Hope this article gives you clear information about GoRide passenger safety insurance. 

Have a safe trip!