GoPay Pinjam

Why is my GoPay Pinjam account activation rejected?

There are three possible reasons of rejection which require different actions:

  • There are minor issues with your documents or data. that you’ve inputted; such as a typo, inactive bank account, or blurred/damaged KTP.
    If you see this screen, you can retry the activation process and make sure all of the documents and data that you provided are correct and proper.

  • You haven’t met GoPay Pinjam requirements but you’re still allowed to retry. We may have detected possible minor unusual activities, or there's severe damage on the documents that you’ve submitted.
    If you see this screen, it means you can retry only on a designated time and date.

  • You haven’t met GoPay Pinjam requirements and you’re not allowed to retry indefinitely. We may have detected unusual activities on your account which result in your GoPay Pinjam activation request not being approved.

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