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About Temporary Limit GoPay Later
About Temporary Limit GoPay Later

GoPay Later currently has various categories of available limits that vary for selected GoPay Later users, including:

Main Limit: This is the total combined limit of Permanent Limit and Temporary Limit.

Permanent Limit: A fixed limit without any time limit.

Temporary Limit: Additional limit that applies for a certain period of time.

Things you need to know:

  1. When making transactions, the temporary limit will be deducted first. If the temporary limit runs out, then it will deduct from the permanent limit.
  2. If you make a transaction using both temporary and permanent limits, when paying the bill, the limit that will be replenished first is the temporary limit, followed by the permanent limit.
  3. You can use all the total limits you receive for purchases on Gojek, GoPay, Tokopedia, and various selected merchants partnered with GoPay Later.

Here's the simulation:

Erika has a main limit of Rp10,000,000 consisting of:

  • Temporary limit: Rp2,000,000
  • Permanent limit: Rp8,000,000

Erika buys a phone worth Rp6,000,000 with a 3x installment tenure. The limit to be used: temporary limit first, then permanent limit.

Used user limits:

  • Temporary limit: Rp2,000,000
  • Permanent limit: Rp4,000,000

After the transaction, Erika's remaining available limit is Rp4,000,000 from the permanent limit.