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Payment with combination method
Payment with combination method

Want to order something but your GoPay or GoPayLater balance is only enough to pay for part of the total amount of your order? Just combine it with cash! Don’t worry, GoPay Promos will still be applied.

GoPay & Cash Combination can be used for these services:

  1. GoFood
  2. GoShop
  3. GoMart

GoPayLater & Cash Combination can only be used for GoFood.

However, if GoPayLater does not appear as one of the payment methods when you want to pay your order, it means that GoPaylater is still not available for your GoFood service.

For example:

You have Rp50.000 on your GoPay balance, but you want to order GoFood worth Rp110.000. Here are the calculations:

Now you can also combine GoPay Coins payments for GoSend* services with other payment method such as GoPay, GoPayLater, Debit/Credit Card, LinkAja, Jago, or cash.

*) Later, other services will be available for payment of GoPay Coins. Stay tuned!