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GoPay Plus upgrade was rejected due to ID has been registered
GoPay Plus upgrade was rejected due to ID has been registered

When trying to upgrade GoPay to GoPay Plus, please ensure that you have not used your ID (eKTP for Indonesian citizens / Passport for foreigners) to upgrade another GoPay account. If you have, your GoPay Plus upgrade cannot be approved, because one ID can only be used for one account.

If your GoPay upgrade is rejected due toID has been used by another GoPay account and you experience the conditions below:

  • You are sure that your ID has never been registered to upgrade GoPay previously, or
  • You have registered your ID to upgrade GoPay in another account, but you are no longer using that account

Please Contact us* button below. We will help to check the issue that you’re experiencing first.*) Contact Us button is only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet.


For condition 2before filling in the form belowfirst make sure that your old account no longer has a GoPayLater bill. If you still have the outstanding bills, we're sorry we can't process your request if you want to upgrade using the data on that account, please access the old account first and complete the bill payment, okay! If you can't access the old account because you have problems with your phone number,  you can visit the article How to edit my profile” to report it to us by filling in the form provided so we can help you.