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Unable to top up GoPay
Unable to top up GoPay

When experiencing problems such as unable to top up GoPay, there are several possible that might have caused that issue, such as:

  1. The top up amount exceeds the GoPay monthly transaction limit. Check HERE to see transaction limit information
  2. The phone number entered is not registered with Gojek
  3. Internet network is unstable

If the top up problem occurs when using OneKlik BCA, the possible causes are:

  1. The top up limit has exceeded the daily limit of Rp1.000.000
  2. Have reached the daily transaction limit for balance top up in other apps of Rp3.000.000/day using BCA OneKlik
  3. Gojek account name is invalid or contains symbols such as: -,*,>,? or others.

Please try to top up again after making sure of the things mentioned above.

Hope the information helps you :)