GoPay plus status is downgraded to regular

Following GoPay’s policy in ensuring transaction security for users, we’ve updated our terms and conditions for existing users who have upgraded to a GoPay Plus account that is 1 ID (eKTP) can only be used by 1 account.

After further review, we found that some customers have their ID (eKTP) registered on more than one account. Following the new policy, we will downgrade the old account to GoPay regular if it doesn't have any activity on the GoPay app for 30 days.

If your GoPay account has been downgraded, and you are sure you have never used your ID (eKTP) in another account or only have one GoPay Plus account and you wish to use this account as your GoPay Plus account, please Contact us* button below. We will help to check the issue that you’re experiencing first. 

*) Contact Us button is only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet.


Notes: GoPay has the right to reject GoPay account verification as stated in the applicable terms & conditions here.

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