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I experienced a scam
I experienced a scam

Report it to us immediately via Gojek Help page (under My Profile menu) or by clicking the Contact Us* button below if you experience a scam where you sent any money to a fraudster who uses a GoPay account or you experienced a loss of GoPay balance.

*) Contact Us button is only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet

Besides reporting to us, you can also report fraudsters through the platforms they use to scam you (example: social media and other apps).

Types of scamming events commonly reported:

  • Purchase of goods (including esports games related: Mobile Legends, Free Fire, etc.), services, or top up to someone's bank/GoPay account then the scammer blocks your contact so that you cannot continue the conversation
  • Someone saying that you won a contest and will get prizes in a form of vouchers, cashback, special promo, or even cash
  • Someone asking you to transfer a certain amount of money or GoPay balance
  • Someone asking for your OTP/PIN code/Login Link
  • Or other scam cases that you can see in this article

Please note: Submission of the scam report does not guarantee a refund. Any refund request is subject to assessment under the terms and conditions of the Money Back Guarantee program. At this moment, we do not cover loss of GoPay funds due to seller scam, someone trying to provide gift prizes, or if you have shared your OTP/PIN/Login Link to another party.

Why should I report scam events?

Every report we receive from you means a lot to us as we take scam events seriously. By reporting a scam event, you have played a crucial role in continuously improving the performance of our detection system in order to prevent further harmful activities.

In addition to the detection system, we also manually investigate every scam report carefully to ensure that the reported cases are handled accurately and acted on firmly. This is a part of our our commitment to create a payment ecosystem that is safe and secure from misuse.

If the reported case meets the terms and conditions of the Money Back Guarantee program, we will of course tell you the good news!

So, the more detailed your report is, the better we get at securing the GoPay environment ;)

How do I avoid scam events in the future?

In the future, to prevent you from any fraudulent acts, please make sure the information you read is valid. You can get official information about Gojek or GoPay through channels below:

Please always be careful of fake accounts claiming on behalf of Gojek or GoPay. The official Gojek or GoPay accounts have been verified with a tick or verified logo.

Gojek Indonesia never asks for your OTP code (the 4-digits number that Gojek sent to your phone number via SMS when logging in to Gojek) / PIN / Login link. So, if anyone asks for this information on behalf of Gojek Indonesia, please do not share it.

If you suspect someone hijacking your account, or you lose access to your account because you have given your OTP/Login Link to someone else, please report it to us immediately in the article: My account was hijacked by someone else

Important notes!

Here are the characteristics of fraudsters that you should be aware of