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Pre-employment card incentive payment
Pre-employment card incentive payment

The pre-employment card (Kartu Prakerja) is a government fund assistance program that will help you to enhance your competence. Once your pre-employment card registration has succeeded, you will get an incentive that you can use to take various courses. For further information and how to register a pre-employment card, click here.

Then if you want your incentive to be paid via GoPay, please make sure these things below:

  • Your Gojek number is the same as the one you registered on the pre-employment card
  • You've upgraded your account to GoPay Plus. Click here to see how to upgrade
  • Your identity number on the identity card you used to upgrade to GoPay Plus is the same as the one you registered on the pre-employment card

Then you can follow these steps below when choosing your incentive payment method:

  1. Choose GoPay
  2. Make sure your phone number on the Phone Confirmation page is correct
  3. Input the OTP code and GoPay PIN
  4. Done!

You will receive your incentive via GoPay once you finish your first course or follow various courses. The incentive will be sent cumulatively based on the pre-employment card policy.

I haven’t received pre-employment card incentive

If you experienced problems while withdrawing your pre-employment incentive to GoPay, please find the solutions below:

  • Haven't received your incentive on GoPay after withdrawing it.
    Please wait for 3-5 working days from the estimated payment date, because the pre-employment card incentive withdrawal process is still in progress. For further information, you can contact the Pre-Employment Card Call Center at 0800-150-3001.
  • Your National Identity Number on the pre-employment card dashboard is different from the one you’ve registered on the Gojek.
    To withdraw your incentive to GoPay, your National Identity Number registered for the pre-employment card must be the same as the one you used when you upgraded your GoPay account to GoPay Plus. Therefore, if there is a difference in NIK, you can report this to us via Gojek Help page (under My Profile menu) by clicking the Contact Us* button below to help you re-verify your data to receive pre-employment incentive payments. 

We also would like to inform you that currently, you can change from GoPay to another accounts/e-wallet that are available to receive your incentive. However, you need to unlink your GoPay first from the Prakerja dashboard to change your account/e-wallet.

*Contact Us button only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet