I haven’t received my GoPay top up

We’re truly sorry for the inconvenience if you haven’t received your GoPay top up. Alright, you don't need to worry, all of your transactions are recorded in our system and we’re always here to help if you experience this issue.

When this happens, you can do these things first:

  1. Check your transfer receipt and make sure the destination phone number you've input is registered in Gojek
  2. The destination phone number is still in use and active
  3. Top up has been successful, but is not recorded in the History
  4. Check whether the top up transaction causes the GoPay balance on the destination phone number to exceed the specified limit so that the top up transaction was not received. Click here for more info about GoPay balance limit
  5. Close and re-open Gojek app

If you have done the steps above and the balance in your bank or other top up methods that you are using has been deducted but the GoPay balance remains the same, please be willing to wait for 2x24 hours* on business days (except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) since the transaction date.

If after the above time the balance is still not received, please report it to us via Gojek Help page (under My Profile menu) by clicking the Contact Us* below. We will help you shortly

*Contact Us button only accessible when you open this page on your phone/tablet

*Please wait 2x24 hours on weekdays (except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays). As an example:
- Top up your GoPay balance on Wednesday, then your GoPay balance will be received up to a maximum on Friday (if there are no national holidays)
- Top up GoPay balance on Wednesday, but on Thursday there is a national holiday. Then the maximum GoPay balance will be received on Monday
- Top up your GoPay balance on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday are counted as holidays. Then the maximum GoPay balance will be received on Tuesday

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