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Information about non-active account
Information about non-active account

Non-Active Account or “Dormant Account” is an account with no completed transaction paid by any payment methods more than 360 days. 

Based on GoPay’s new policy and also to ensure the safety of your account, if your GoPay account is identified as a dormant account, then you’ll receive the information on your email also from notification and ‘Inbox’ page on your Gojek app that says your GoPay account is temporarily locked.

You don’t need to worry though, you will have 1 (one) month after you received the information to reactivate your GoPay account by upgrading your account to GoPay Plus or revalidate your personal identity (for those who’ve upgraded to GoPay Plus).

Yet if you haven’t reactivated your account after 1 (one) month, your GoPay account will be permanently closed.

Based on Gojek's policy, there will be an administrative fee for maintenance of Rp2.000/month which will deduct the remaining GoPay balance if your account is permanently closed.

But don’t worry, you are still able to reactivate your GoPay account even your account is permanently closed. Once you've reactivated your account, you will not be charged with admin fee again in the following month.