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Fingerprint/Face ID feature for transaction
Fingerprint/Face ID feature for transaction

The Fingerprint authentication (iOS) and Face ID (iOS) feature are alternative security features for official GoPay transactions besides PIN. Update your Gojek app to the latest version to try this feature so that your transactions are safer.

Activate your Fingerprint/Face ID now by following the steps below:

  1. Choose ‘Explore’ on the GoPay menu then click 'Settings' (click 'More features' if you can't find it)
  2. Click ‘Fingerprint ID' (Android) / 'Face ID’ (iOS)

    (on Android)


    (on iOS)

  3. Verified your fingerprint/face ID by:

    • Android: Input your GoPay PIN and place your finger on the sensors
    • iOS: Place your finger on the Fingerprint sensors (or scan your face if using Face ID) and input GoPay PIN.
  4. Congratulations, now your fingerprint/Face ID is active. Now when you make a payment you only need to scan the fingerprint or face to complete the transaction.


  • This feature is only available if your device supports Face ID/Fingerprint authentication.
  • You can set this feature, such as to disable or enable it again via the 'Settings' page on the GoPay feature.
  • If you are unable to use fingerprint/Face ID when making a transaction, you only need to enter the GoPay PIN to complete the transaction.