How to register BCA OneKlik

Follow the steps below to register your BCA OneKlik for instant top up:

  1. Click ‘Explore’ on the GoPay menu on the Gojek app homepage
  2. Choose 'Settings' on the GoPay Feed (click 'More features' if you can't find it)
  3. Click 'Manage top up methods'

4. Input your BCA debit card number and daily limit (max. Rp1.000.000), then click ‘Lanjut’

5. Select your registered mobile phone number on BCA to receive One Time Password (OTP), then click 'Kirim OTP'*

*) Credit is required to send the OTP code

6. Enter the OTP number that has been sent by BCA to your mobile phone, then click 'Tambah Kartu'.

7. Your BCA OneKlik has been successfully registered and ready to be used as a method to top up your GoPay balance!

You can also register your BCA debit card while doing instant top-up by clicking the ‘Add’ button on the select a top up method page.


  • Make sure you have registered for BCA e-banking and activate the financial feature on M-BCA
  • For each GoPay account, you can register a maximum of 2 (two) BCA debit cards
  • Every BCA debit card that has been registered with a Gojek account cannot be used for another Gojek account

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