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How to top up GoPay
How to top up GoPay

Follow these steps to top up your GoPay balance:

1. Click ‘Top up’ on the GoPay menu on the Gojek app homepage

2. Choose ‘Instant’ to top up using BCA OneKlik or Jago Pockets

3. Choose ‘Other methods’ to see how to top up via:

  • Request to friends or family
  • Gojek driver
  • Minimart & Pegadaian
  • Mobile banking & other apps
  • Internet banking 
  • ATM
  • SMS banking
  • Bank branch office & agent

Then follow the instructions listed.



Every GoPay top-up will be sent to your destination phone number, even though the number is inactive. So, it is important to always make sure that your registered phone number is still in use and active.