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How to complete Group Mission
How to complete Group Mission

In the Mission feature, besides the Special Mission that you can carry out alone,  there is also a Group Mission that you need to complete with your friends.

To get the rewards, you can be a Referrer or Referee. Follow these easy steps below to start a Group Mission:   


  • Click the Group Mission card that you get through notifications or the Mission main page*
  • Read the mission description, then click ‘Start’
  • Click ‘Invite friends’ to invite your friends by sharing the Group Mission link via chat feature on the Gojek app or other platforms (Whatsapp, LINE, Twitter, etc)
  • You will receive your reward after all of your friends have completed all tasks from the mission

*Referrers will be chosen based on transactions they’ve made on Gojek. The more often you use Gojek, the greater opportunity to get a chance to join Mission.


  • Click the link that you got from the Referrer and you will be directed to the Mission page
  • Read the mission instruction, then click ‘Accept' to start Group Mission
  • You will receive your reward after you completed the tasks given by the Referrer