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How to use GoNearby
How to use GoNearby

Use GoNearby to find the nearest store or restaurants that accept GoPay as the payment with a maximum distance of 10 km from your current location. 
To use GoNearby, make sure you have set up the location services on your handphone through the following steps*: Open Settings on your phone > Select Application > Select the Gojek app, and click App Permission > Turn on access for location.
*Steps can be various depending on the type and model of the device you are using

Here’s how to use GoNearby:

  • When opening GoNearby, you will see the list of GoPay Merchants near you
  • Click ‘With Promo’ to see promo on selected GoPay Merchants
  • Click ‘Open Now’ to see GoPay Merchants that still open
  • Find GoPay Merchants at popular area by clicking the Pencil logo

  • On the information page, you can do the following:
    • See the restaurant’s operational hours
    • Find information about the promo that may be available
    • Contact the GoPay Merchants
    • Order GoRide to go to the Merchant you want to visit
    • Make a payment through GoNearby by pressing the 'Make a Payment' button
    • Buy and see voucher information at the GoPay Merchant if available