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Pay with GoPay at GoPay Merchant
Pay with GoPay at GoPay Merchant

Now, paying anything is much easier using GoPay. Simply follow these 3 (three) steps to pay with GoPay: 

  • Click 'Pay' on GoPay menu and scan the QR Code on the cashier or receipt that you receive 


  • Enter the nominal amount to be paid, and finish your payment.
  • Show the proof of transaction on your GoPay ‘History’ to the cashier and make sure they have received the payment.


  1. Make sure you have entered the right amount
  2. Make sure the store or restaurant name listed on the application is verified
  3. Make sure the QR code is in good condition, if QR code is unclear or faded, you can ask the cashier to show QR code in the portal or merchant’s app
  4. For transaction with GoPay at Alfagroup now you can only use GoPay Code as payment method. See how to pay with GoPay Code at Alfamart and Indomaret here.

How do I know which merchant can accept GoPay as my payment method

Here are the sticker and wobbler you may find in the merchant’s store showing that you can make a payment using GoPay


You can also check nearest GoPay merchant using GoNearby on Gojek app. Wanna use it? Find the information here.

Do I need to pay an extra fee for this transaction?

Don't worry! GoPay will not cost you any extra fee for this transaction. 

I entered the wrong nominal when I made the payment, what should I do?

If you had paid your transaction but the nominal wasn’t correct, such as:

  • Overpayment
    If you paid more than the designated price, please ask the cashier to give the overpayment in cash 
  • Underpayment or pay less
    If you paid less than the designated price, please transfer the remaining payment using their QR code

Why can’t I make payment at GoPay Merchant?

If you can’t make a payment at GoPay Merchant, please make sure these two things:

  • You’ve entered the correct GoPay PIN
  • Your GoPay balance is sufficient
  • QR code on the receipt is in a good condition
  • The payment amount using QR code scan does not exceed Rp5.000.000

If you still can’t use GoPay at GoPay Merchant, click here to see more information.