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Pay with GoPay at online store
Pay with GoPay at online store

To pay with GoPay at online store, please follow the steps below:

  • Shop at an online store and choose GoPay as a payment method
  • Your Gojek app will be open automatically*
    *If you’re making payment through a desktop screen, open your Gojek app then choose ‘Pay’ to scan QR code that appears on your payment detail
  • See payment detail on your Gojek application and click ‘PAY’ in GoPay features
  • Scan fingerprint/face or enter your GoPay PIN
  • Your payment has been succeeded

You can see many online stores that accept GoPay as payment method here.


  • There are no additional fees or minimum transactions when making payments with GoPay at online store. However, the maximum amount of payment depends on your GoPay balance limit.
  • The maximum amount for payment using QR code scan is Rp5.000.000