GoPay balance limit

Here’s the maximum GoPay balance limit for GoPay users who:

  • Haven't upgraded to GoPay Plus: Rp2.000.000 (including balance from top up, transfer from a friend, cashback, etc.)
  • Have upgraded to GoPay Plus: Rp20.000.000 (including balance from top up, transfer from a friend, cashback, etc.)

Besides that, there's a GoPay maximum cumulative limit of:

  • Rp20.000.000 for those who haven’t upgraded to GoPay Plus
  • Rp40.000.000 for those who have upgraded to GoPay Plus

This cumulative limit is the maximum amount of the total GoPay balance accumulation that users receive from all transactions (top up, transfer, cashback, etc.) in each month. This limit will be automatically reset every 1st of the month.

You won’t be able to receive your GoPay balance top up or request (including cashback) if the nominal of top up or balance received causes your GoPay balance exceeds the specified limit.

Example: Your GoPay status is GoPay Plus where the maximum GoPay balance is up to Rp20.000.000. If you want to top up your GoPay balance in the amount of Rp200.000 when your current balance is Rp19.900.000, the following conditions will occur:

  1. In some channels (e.g. Bank BCA or Alfamart) an error notification will appear stating that the top up cannot be processed because it exceeds the specified limit
  2. If an error notification doesn’t appear and the top up is successful, the balance will be returned automatically within 7 (seven) working days to your account. If within that time the  balance hasn’t been received, please report it to us via I haven't received my GoPay top up article.

Other important information:

When topping up GoPay, please keep in mind that some banks have their own policies in determining the daily transfer limit depending on the type of ATM card or debit card owned by the customer, so there will be a possibility that the GoPay balance top up cannot be done because it exceeds the specified limit.

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