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What is GoPay PIN?
What is GoPay PIN?

In order to maintain your security and comfort when using GoPay for transactions, we provide a security feature, GoPay PIN, which consists of a 6 (six) digit PIN code (Personal Identification Number). Like the PIN function on your ATM card, GoPay PIN maximizes your account security from possible misuse by irresponsible parties.

When creating a PIN, use a combination of numbers that is easy to remember and never give your PIN to other people, including those who admits being a part of Gojek, GoPay, or their affiliates, because your GoPay PIN is needed to do the following things:

  • Transfer GoPay to other Gojek users
  • Transfer GoPay to bank account
  • GoPulsa transaction payments
  • GoTagihan transaction payments
  • Payment at GoPay Business Partners
  • Payment transactions using GoPayLater
  • GoPayLater bills payments
  • Change the mobile number on the Gojek account

So, have you created your GoPay PIN yet? Click How to set GoPay PIN to find out the easy way to create it.

Forgot my GoPay PIN
If you have created a GoPay PIN, but you forget or want to change it, you can follow the steps below:

  • Select 'Forgot PIN' when you enter your GoPay PIN or go to GoPay's 'Settings' menu
  • Enter the new PIN code 2 (two) times
  • Enter the OTP code that you received via SMS
  • Done! Your GoPay PIN has been successfully updated

If it still doesn’t solve your problem and you have tried 3 (three) times to enter your GoPay PIN, then we are sorry, your PIN will be frozen for the next 60 minutes for security reasons. After that time, you can enter your PIN again and make another transaction using GoPay.

Change my GoPay PIN
You can follow these easy steps to change your GoPay PIN:

  1. Choose 'Explore' in GoPay features
  2. Choose 'Settings' on the GoPay Feed (click 'More features' if you can't find it)
  3. Choose 'Change PIN'
  4. Enter your current 6 (six) digits PIN 
  5. Enter your new 6 (six) digits PIN twice 
  6. Your PIN has been successfully changed