What is GoPay?

GoPay is electronic money for any payment and financial transaction that you can use in the Gojek app.

You can use GoPay for:

  • Transaction in Gojek app;
  • In-Store and online payment at GoPay merchants;
  • Payment with PayLater for selected customers; and
  • Other transaction such as transfer GoPay balance to other Gojek users or to bank account if you have already upgraded your GoPay to GoPay Plus 

Use the following GoPay features to:

(GoPay menu on Gojek app homepage)

1. Pay: Transfer your GoPay balance to another GoPay account or bank account, and make payment at GoPay merchants and online stores.

2. Top Up: Top up your GoPay balance using BCA OneKlik and get to know other ways to top up your GoPay balance.

3. Explore: See GoPay Feed and check other GoPay features.

(Other GoPay features on GoPay Feed, can be accessed by clicking 'Explore')

4. Request: Ask/receive payment from other GoPay users by asking them to scan your QR code or directly ask for it from your contact list.

5. PayLater: Activate PayLater, see your PayLater transaction history, view and pay your PayLater bills, and get all the information that you need about PayLater.

6. History: See your GoPay transaction history.

7. Help: Find solutions for your inquiry related to GoPay.

8. Settings:

  • Check your GoPay account upgrade to GoPay Plus status
  • Set Fingerprint/Face ID feature
  • Manage payment method and debit cards
  • Set your GoPay PIN
  • Manage applications connected to GoPay
  • See information about GoPay terms and conditions

9. Cash Out: Perform cardless withdrawal transactions on ATM BCA using your GoPay balance.

10. Plus: Upgrade your GoPay account to GoPay Plus and monitor the upgrade status.

11. GoTagihan: Use GoTagihan service.

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