GoMart order statuses

Here are the status details of your GoMart orders at Minimarkets that you can find on the order page:

  • Order confirmed Your order has been accepted by GoMart and we'll be looking for the driver soon. If the driver has not been found, please do not cancel your order because our system is still in the process of finding a driver for you.

  • Driver Found A driver has been assigned and is on the way to purchase your order at the nearest shop.

  • Purchasing order A driver is purchasing your order so the order cannot be canceled.

  • Delivering order If the status changes like this, it means that the driver is delivering your order to your delivery destination.

  • Order delivered In this status, your driver has delivered the order to you.

There are slight differences if you order GoMart at the Supermarket because GoMart at the Supermarket has Shopping Assistance who will help you to find and prepare the order. Here are the details:

  • Order confirmed

You will see a status like an image below, which means the order has been received and the system is looking for GoMart Shopping Assistant. 

  • Getting your order ready Great, your GoMart Shopping Assitance has been assigned, and preparing your order.

  • Your order is ready Your order is ready to be picked up by the driver.

  • Picking up order Yay, your driver is picking up the order and will deliver it to your delivery destination.

We hope this information helps you Thank you for using GoMart! #ThereIsAlwaysAWay to shop easier, practical, and faster with GoMart.

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