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What is GoMart?
What is GoMart?

GoMart is a service from Gojek that will help you easily buy your daily needs. When you use GoMart, our driver or GoMart shopping assistant will buy the item you ordered at the nearest store that has partnered with us and the driver will deliver it to you as soon as possible within 1 (one) hour. Click here to see how to use GoMart.

What products can I buy using GoMart?

Here are the product categories that you can buy using GoMart (depending on availability in each store):

1. Staple Goods (Rice, Salt, Sugar, Cooking Oil, Egg)

2. Snacks (Ice Cream, Biscuits, Traditional Snacks, Nuts & Seeds, Chips & Crackers, Candies & Chocolates, Snack Bar, Wafer)

3. Instant Foods & Others (Instant Food, Other Frozen Food, Instant Porridge, Jelly & Pudding, Other Instant Food, Dried Food, Instant Noodle, Pasta & Spaghetti)

4. Breakfast (Bread & Cake, Honey, Jam & Spreads, Cereals & Oats)

5. Fruits & Vegetables (Canned Fruits & Vegetables, Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables)

6. Meat & Seafood (Frozen Meat, Canned Meat, Processed Seafood, Processed Canned Seafood, Fresh Meat, Other Fresh Food)

7. Milk & Processed Products (Cheese, Cream, Powdered Milk, Fresh Milk, Fermented Milk, Milk For Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mom, Yogurt)

8. Beverages (Energy Drinks, Ready-to-Drink Beverages, Mineral & Sparkling Water, Juice, Powdered Coffee, Instant Coffee, Carbonated Drinks, Isotonic Drinks, Instant Powdered Drinks, Syrup)

9. Cooking & Baking Supplies (Supplementary  Ingredients, Baking Ingredients, Cooking Ingredients, Ketchup & Chilli Sauces)

10. Baby & Kids (Baby Feeding Supplies, Baby & Kids Toys, Baby & Kids Shower and Care Supplies, Baby & Kids Health and Nutrition)

11. Health & Personal Care (Medicine, Vitamins & Supplements, Sexual Health, First Aid & Health Products, Slimming Products, Medical Equipment)

12. Personal Care (Facial Care, Skin Care, Hair Care, Mouth & Oral Care, Male Grooming, Feminine Care, Relaxation & Spa, Cotton Pad & Cotton Bud, Essential Oil)

13. Beauty (Face Products, Eye Products, Lip Products, Hair Products, Perfume, Tools)

14. Shower Essentials (Mouthwash, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Conditioner, Shampoo, Soap)

15. Houseware (Tissue, Bathroom Essentials, Dining Essentials, Kitchen & Cooking Tools, Cleaning Tools, Cleaning Products, Fabric Care, Insect & Pest Repellent, Lighting, Household Tools)

16. Office & Stationery (Books & Paper, Drawing Tools, Stationery, Battery)

17. Automotive (Vehicle & Equipment, Motorcycle Machine & Spare Parts, Riding & Equipment)

18. Cigarettes (18+) (Filter Cigarettes, Smoking Accessories, Matches & Lighter)

Note: GoMart is only available in certain areas. Click here for more info.

Hope this information helps you.