Benefits of investing in mutual funds

  1. Liquidity
    Most mutual fund products are liquid. It is easy for you to buy and sell mutual funds anytime. The level of convenience makes mutual funds suitable for short, medium, and long term investments.
  2. Competitive Returns
    Invest in mutual funds with GoInvestasi to get the possibility of competitive returns over traditional savings products such as bank deposits.
  3. Product Diversification
    A mutual fund product usually consists of more than one type of investment instrument. For instance, a fixed income mutual fund will contain the top money markets and bonds. Mutual funds are usually a cheaper way to diversify in contrast to individual investments as diversification allows you to profit in multiple ways. For instance, as one company or asset class gets hit, another will do well, balancing out your return and reducing volatility. 
  4. Experienced Investment Manager
    Knowledge and experience are very important for investing and beginner investors who are still learning may need more experience if they want to gain more money. No need to worry if you want to invest in mutual funds, because there is an experienced Investment Manager who will manage your investments! The Investment Manager has a research team and supporting up-to-date data that will help make investment decisions for you. Of course, this decision is still within the boundaries of the Prospectus.

However, please note that all investment products involve a risk of loss. Fluctuations in mutual fund prices are caused by changes in the price of the assets inside it. The following are factors that can cause a decline in asset prices:

  • Declining performance of the equity issuers/companies
  • Economic conditions, both national and global, such as rising inflation rates, BI rate, and current account deficit
  • Political instability
  • Social conditions such as natural disasters and national security threats

There is no guarantee of any return or profit. Any information on the investment’s past or potential performance is not, and should not be construed as, a recommendation of any investment product.

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