Why do mutual funds withdrawal take up to 7 business days?

There is a procedure which must be followed to withdraw funds. Funds that have been invested in mutual funds are no longer in the form of cash that can be withdrawn at any time because the funds would then have been in the form of assets such as stocks, bonds, or deposits, which were purchased and managed by the Investment Manager of the mutual fund.

As a result, when you sell mutual funds, the funds don't go directly to your bank account. The mutual fund’s Investment Manager needs to sell the stocks/bonds/deposits that have been purchased, then recapitulate how many mutual funds were sold on that day, which will then be recorded and administered by the Custodian Bank. After that, the funds can be transferred to the investor's bank account. This process takes time, and cannot be completed in a day.

OJK has given a maximum time limit of 7 working days (excluding weekends and national holiday) for the disbursement process.

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