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How to activate Gold Auto-Invest
How to activate Gold Auto-Invest

Now you can invest with less hassle. You just need to set the time and amount, and we will automatically invest your money to buy gold in the future based on your settings.

Follow these steps below to buy gold with Gold Auto-Invest feature:

  • Choose GoInvestasi on Gojek app homepage > Choose 'Gold' > Choose 'Gold Auto-Invest'

  • Read and understand the terms and conditions that are applied for Gold Auto-Invest, then click ‘Continue’
  • Click ‘Auto-Invest Setting’ to set up the Auto-Invest rule, then click ‘Set’

  • You also need to connect your GoPay

  • Then, set the Auto-Invest Rule setting on this page. By clicking ‘Change’,  you can choose between the 2 options of Auto-Invest, 'Money amount’ or 'Gold quantity'. Click ‘Review’ when you have decided.
  • If you choose ‘Money amount’, enter the amount of money that you want to use for buying the gold (minimum Rp20.000 and maximum Rp200.000).
  • If you choose ‘Gold quantity’, enter the gold quantity/weight that you want to buy (minimum 0,01 gram and maximum 5 grams).

(the display when you click ‘Change’ button)

(the display of the Auto-Invest Rule Setting)

  • Set the deduction timing for your Auto-Invest

  • Recheck your transaction, and if you have agreed to all the terms and conditions, tick the box and click 'Accept'

  • Congrats! Your Auto-Invest has been set, and your GoPay balance will be automatically deducted according to the rule you have set.


  • After each successful Auto-Invest transaction, your gold will go to your portfolio, and you will be able to sell it
  • No additional fee for using Auto-Invest feature
  • You can only have 1 (one) active Auto-Invest rule at a time. You have to deactivate the currently active rule before you activate another one.