How mutual funds work

Here’s how mutual funds work:

1. Investment Manager (IM) collects funds from investors

2. The funds raised are then invested in a number of investment instruments, such as money market, bonds, and stocks, in accordance with the investment policy of the relevant Investment Manager. For example, you make a purchase of UOBAM Dana Rupiah mutual funds at a given time


The Top Holdings column lists the 5 greatest allocations where investor money are invested at the time, for UOBAM Rupiah funds which are:

a. Shares of Bank BTPN - Sharia

b. Shares of Bank DKI

c. Shares of Bank Jabar Syariah

d. Shares of Bank Panin Dubai Syariah

e. Shares of Bank Sumatera Barat

3. As an investor, all you have to do is keep an eye on the growth of your investment in GoInvestasi, and you will receive investment reports from the Investment Manager regarding the funds invested (Fund Fact Sheet) on a monthly basis. In general, the report may include the following sections: Product performance, asset composition, and securities portfolio.

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