What is Service and other fees in GoFood orders?

On every GoFood order, you will find the 'Service & other fees' on the payment summary section in the checkout page.



'Service and other fees' is a combination of several cost components charged to customers, excluding the price of the food and delivery costs.


The components included in the 'Service and other fees’ are:

  • Restaurant Takeaway Fee
  • GoFood Wait Time Fee
  • Platform fee
  • Parking fee

You can also view the details of each of the components under 'Service and Other fees' by clicking on the 'View details' option in the Payment Summary section of the order checkout page.



However, please note that these components will be adjusted to the condition when the order is made. For example, if you order from a restaurant that does not charge a parking fee, this component will not be included in the 'Service and other fees.'


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