Why can't I order GoFood delivery?

We always try to find the nearest driver around the restaurant’s area so your GoFood order can be delivered immediately.

However, under certain conditions such as when the weather is bad, the limited number of drivers around certain areas cannot be avoided. When there are not enough GoFood drivers around your favorite restaurant, you may see notifications below and cannot order GoFood delivery at that restaurant for a while.

This system is implemented to prevent the possibility of order cancellations after being confirmed by the restaurant because there are no GoFood drivers available to deliver the orders. That way, you can immediately order from other restaurants if you want.

However, if you still want to order from that same restaurant, you can choose the Pickup method (if the restaurant has activated the Pickup feature) and take the order directly at the restaurant. Check out “How to pick up GoFood order by myself” for more information.

You can also wait for a while and check it again after some time if you still want it to be delivered. You can order GoFood delivery once GoFood drivers are available around the restaurant’s area.

Hope this information helps you :)

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