How to pick up GoFood order by myself

GoFood now has Pickup* feature that makes it easy for you to pick up your own order without a driver. So, you can order food/drinks from anywhere without worrying about waiting in long lines and just pick it up when your order is ready!

*) This feature is only available in selected restaurants. If you can't find the Pickup option, it probably means that the Pickup feature is not yet available for that restaurant.

Follow these easy steps to order GoFood with the Pickup feature:

1. Find a restaurant with the Pickup feature by selecting ‘Pickup’ on GoFood main page’s navigation* or category

You can also spot the Pickup label at the information section of your selected restaurant.

2. After selecting the menu that you want to order, select ‘Pickup’ on the order summary page (click ‘Change’ if it shows ‘Delivery)

3. Select a payment method, then click 'Order and Pickup later'.

Please note that YOU CAN’T CANCEL YOUR ORDER when you use this feature.

4. The restaurant will prepare your order and you can pick it up when you see the following status:

5. Once you arrive at the restaurant, swipe right on the 'Swipe to complete order' button

6. Enter the PIN code that will be provided by the restaurant, then you can take your order!


  • You have 1 hour to pick up your order which you can see on your order page
  • The order status will be automatically completed if you did not pick up your order within the specified time period.

If you're running late, you can still collect your order by confirming it to the restaurant using the call feature in your order details.

  • Use the directions feature to make it easier for you to find the restaurant

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