How to contact my driver

For GoFood web orders, please read this article to find out how to contact your driver.

There are two ways to contact your driver on ongoing orders; by phone or by text via chat feature. 



  • Click the phone icon on the 'Ongoing order' page.

  • Or click 'Call' on the 'Track your order' feature.

  • You must confirm the phone number you will use to contact the driver first. If the number is correct, click 'Call now' or update no. Hp' to change it.

Remember, due to the phone number masking feature, you cannot see the driver's actual phone number. Instead, you will see 'Gojek' as contact name details. The same applies when the driver contacts you.


We apply this feature to protect both your personal data and drivers'. But don't worry; even if it's masked, you will still be connected directly to the driver's private phone number without going through an intermediary such as a call center. 




Chat with the drivers is only available for GoRide, GoCar, GoBluebird, GoMart, GoSend for the same city (Instant) services, GoFood, and GoShop. Here's how to use the chat feature:

  • Click the chat icon on the 'Ongoing order' page

  • Or click 'Chat with driver' on the 'Track your order' feature.

The following are common signs of chat features and their meanings:


You can send photos/pictures to the driver by clicking the camera icon or the + icon

Also, note that the Chat feature may not appear if your internet network or drivers are weak. However, you can still send a message to the driver by clicking the 'SMS' button.

For GoSend services within the city (especially Same Day) you can contact the driver by phone, while for GoSend inter city services, you can contact the courier by phone or SMS.


If you've tried to contact the driver via the Chat feature or phone, but the driver still can't be contacted and the map doesn't move, report it by clicking here so we can help you.




We appreciate your patience! Drivers need more time to pick up the phone, reply to your chats if they are on their way to pick you up, or drop off your order.


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