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About Carbon Offset
About Carbon Offset

About carbon footprint

Carbon footprint is a total amount of greenhouse gas emissions that include carbon dioxide and other pollutants, generated by our daily activities. Extreme climate conditions and the decrease in air quality due to excessive carbon footprint negatively impacts our lives. One of the efforts to reduce these negative impacts is by carbon offset. 

The way to absorb the carbon footprint is by planting new trees. With technology from Gojek and Jejak.in, tree planting activities for carbon offsets can be done easily, transparently, and sustainably.

You can contribute to this program by ordering GoRide or GoCar. The fixed amount you pay from every two or four-wheeler trip will be added to the total trip fare. 

After completing your booking, this amount will be passed through from you to Jejak.in to plant trees based on the amount gathered at the end of a specified period.

Where will my tree be planted?

The trees will be planted at Bedono Coastal Mangrove Conservation, Demak, Central Java. Jejak.in and Gojek will continue to evolve for the next phases - both expanding in locations or involving the plantation in other agreed areas for this Carbon Offset initiatives.

When will my tree be planted and monitored?

The trees will be planted over a period of every three months. The planting date, however, may be re-adjusted based on ground situations and force majeure that might happen.

Who will plant my tree?

The collected funds will be planted through Jejak.in (Gojek’s technology partner) and their conservation partner. Planting will be carried out in a mutually agreed conservation area.

Why plant mangroves?

Mangroves have a vast positive impact on the environment, as they can absorb large amounts of carbon.

Aside from having a high capacity for carbon absorption, mangroves can also protect coral reefs from sedimentation and protect the coast from erosion caused by waves, as well as protecting us from natural disasters such as tsunamis. Mangrove forest is also a great habitat for a variety of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, such as fish, coral reefs, and endangered species.

What method is used to calculate our carbon footprint and its conversion to trees?

The method for calculating carbon emissions has been adjusted to the calculation formula according to scientific recommendations from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia and various references from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). 

The parameters required in this method include: 

  • Mileage 
  • Fuel consumption 
  • Emission factor 

Meanwhile, the conversion from carbon footprint to the value of mangrove trees and its carbon stock is referred to the following papers; CIFOR and  Klimangrove.

How to participate in this program?

You can activate the carbon offset feature on your GoRide/GoCar checkout page by:

  • Click the carbon offset icon.

  • Slide the toggle to the right on the carbon offset menu > click Continue order. You can also click the arrow to see complete information about the carbon offset.

How are the prices calculated?

Prices are calculated based on the amount of trees needed to absorb the average emissions produced by a two-wheel or four-wheel vehicle booking in Gojek.

The average emissions amount to 0.45kg CO2e for two-wheels and 1.97kg CO2e for four-wheels.

Can I quit this program?

Sure, your contribution is voluntary, so you can stop at any time by deactivating the feature. Slide the toggle to the left on the carbon offset menu if you want to deactivate it.

Hope this information helps you.