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Schedule a ride feature
Schedule a ride feature

Hi Gojekers, we have good news for you!

If you’re in Jakarta and Surabaya*, you can now use ‘schedule a ride’ feature for GoCar and GoRide!

This feature will help you to book GoCar and GoRide earlier, starting from 7 days to 15 (fifteen) minutes before your ride. Isn’t it cool?

To enjoy this feature, you will be charged for a schedule fee of Rp10.000 for GoCar and Rp3.000 for GoRide.


Follow these steps to use the feature:

  • On the GoCar / GoRide order page, you will find a schedule icon
  • Click it and you will see the schedule options such as ‘Today, Tomorrow, and Select date’
  • Click ‘Set schedule’
  • You will see the price. The actual price will be shown at the end of trip
  • The last, click ‘Order’
  • Done! You’ve successfully scheduled a ride!

On the day that you’ve scheduled, you will get a reminder notification 10 minutes before the time.


How do I see the schedule of orders that I have created?

  • You can click the Profile page, select Orders, then choose ‘Scheduled’
  • Or you can click the schedule icon on the GoCar/GoRide order page

If you are a GoClub member, you will get an XP when using this feature.
*Click here to know more about XP


Can I cancel an order that has been scheduled?

Yes, here’s how:

  • Go to Profile > Orders > Scheduled > ‘Yes, cancel’
  • Or you can click the schedule icon on the GoCar/GoRide order page, then click ‘Yes cancel’




  • You can only schedule your order 1 (one) time at a time
  • You cannot change the schedule of an order that has been created. Instead, you need to cancel the order first
  • You cannot schedule a ride when using GoPay Coins as a payment method

*For Gojekers who are outside Jakarta and Surabaya, please hold tight, we’ll work hard to make it available in your City!