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How do I edit my destination?
How do I edit my destination?

To edit your destination while using GoRide or GoCar, kindly see the steps below:

  • On your current order, swipe up the order detail information
  • Choose ‘Edit’ on drop location section
  • Type the new destination location then click 'Confirm'
  • Finish! Your destination has been changed!

While changing your destination, please note and make sure the things below:

  • The fare can go up, if the new destination is farther than the original destination.
  • If you use GoPay and your GoPay balance is insufficient while editing destination, you need to top up GoPay balance first to continue
  • You can only edit the destination once in one trip
  • 'Multidestination' feature will not be available when you use edit destination feature
  • The edit destination feature is not available for Blue Bird taxi and when voucher is applied to the order
  • An edit destination fee (surcharge) is applied
  • You can edit the destination with a maximum distance of 100 km for GoCar
  • You can't edit the destination with GoPay Coins as a payment method.