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GoRide & GoCar SafeTrip+ insurance
GoRide & GoCar SafeTrip+ insurance

We always strive to provide the best experience for you by paying special attention to your comfort and security while using Gojek services, including ensuring that you are fully protected when using our transport services from accidents that may occur. 

If previously on every trip using GoRide/GoCar you have received accident insurance protection without additional costs which is intended for driver and passenger partners automatically, now you can add extra trip protection through this Safe Trip+.

Gojek in collaboration with Prodigi provides protection benefits in the form of SafeTrip+ for those of you who want to add extra trip protection.

To activate SafeTrip + you can follow steps below: 

  • On the GoRide/GoCar order page, you will find SafeTrip+ offer. Click on it to find out more about the benefits.

  • You will be redirected to SafeTrip+ insurance page. If you're interested, turn the toggle on to activate this feature.

By paying an additional fee of Rp1.000 for one trip  you can get the benefits up to Rp350.000.000.  The benefits obtained are insurance protection from pick-up point to your destination with the following details:

  • Medical fee: Rp7.000.000
  • Permanent disability: Rp350.000.000
  • Death due to accident: Rp350.000.000
  • On-Time Pickup Guarantee Voucher for GoRide and GoCar trip: Rp5.000 for GoRide and Rp10.000 for GoCar if the driver picks you up more than 15 minutes from the estimated time mentioned in the app.

Once you have activated SafeTrip+, this additional fee will be automatically added to your trip costs for as long as you wish.

I. What benefits and coverage do I get from SafeTrip+

The following are the details of the benefits and the sum insured obtained:

Medical expenses due to accidents

  • SafeTrip+ benefit will be provided to cover all medical expenses/treatments at the hospital, if you have an accident in which within 90 (ninety) days of the accident causing you to suffer an injury that requires treatment by a doctor or is hospitalized. This coverage can reach up to Rp7.000.000 per incident.
  • Permanent Disability SafeTrip+ benefit will be given, if you have an accident that causes the loss of one of your limbs, unable to function again, and has been declared permanently disabled by a doctor. This insured value can reach Rp350.000.000 with the following information:
  1. Complete Permanent Disability. In the case of a complete loss of functions for both hands, two feet, both eyes, one hand and one foot, one hand and one eye, one leg and one eye, the Insurer will pay an insurance benefit of 100% of the sum insured and then the Insured will pay for permanent disability complete/partially ends.
  2. Partial Permanent Disability. The Insurer will pay a certain percentage of the Sum Insured to the Insured for losing functions of:

I. Right arm starting from shoulder: 70% (seventy percent) Sum Insured

II. Left arm starting from shoulder: 56% (fifty six percent) Sum Insured

III. Right hand starting from elbow: 65% (sixty five percent) Sum Insured

IV.   Left hand starting from elbow: 52% (fifty two percent) Sum Insured

V.   Right hand starting from wrist: 60% (sixty percent) Sum Insured

VI.   Left hand starting from wrist: 50% (fifty percent) Sum Insured

VII. One eyesight: 50% (fifty percent) Sum Insured

VIII. Hearing of both ears: 50% (fifty percent) Sum Assured

IX.     One ear hearing: 15% (fifteen percent) Sum Insured

X.     One leg: 50% (fifty percent) Sum Insured

XI.     Right thumb: 25% (twenty five percent) Sum Insured

XII.     Left thumb: 20% (twenty percent) Sum Insured

XIII.     Right index finger: 15% (fifteen percent) Sum Insured

XIV.     Left index finger: 12% (twelve percent) Sum Insured

XV.     Right little finger: 12% (twelve percent) Sum Insured

XVI.     Left little finger: 7% (seven percent) Sum Insured

XVII.     Right middle finger or ring finger: 6% (six percent) Sum Insured

XVIII.     Middle finger or left ring finger: 5% (five percent) Sum Insured


A. For those who are left-handed, the statement "right" is read "left" and vice versa.

B. In the event of partial loss of one of the members of the body as mentioned above, the guaranteed payment must be reduced proportionally, while in the case of the loss of two or more parts of the body together, the security payment may not exceed 100% (one hundred percent) of the Sum Insured.

C. If the payment of partial permanent disability benefits has reached 100% (one hundred percent) of the Sum Insured, then the Insurance for permanent disability completely / partially ends.

D. Reimbursement of all medical expenses/hospital care, if the insured experiences an accident and within 90 (ninety) days after the accident results in the insured being injured as well as requiring treatment by a doctor or hospitalized, up to a maximum limit of 2% (two percent) of the Sum Insured.

  • Accidental death The accidental death benefit is given as coverage due to a traffic accident in one incident of Rp350.000.000 per incident.

II. When does coverage start and how long is the insurance provided?

SafeTrip+ starts when you begin a trip using GoRide/GoCar services. Meanwhile, the SafeTrip+ period is calculated as you as the insured party are traveling using GoRide/GoCar, or per trip.

III. What is included in the exclusion of benefits?

The Insurer is not obliged to pay the Sum Assured if the Insured dies due to an Accident, suffers permanent disability due to an accident, or undergoes treatment/care due to an accident due to the following reasons:

  1. Being under the influence or being caused (temporarily or otherwise) by alcohol, drugs, mental illness, or other mental illness (including manifestations of a psychiatric or psychosomatic disorder).
  2. Deliberately encountering or entering dangers where there is no need (except in trying to save lives).
  3. Any form of committing suicide or attempted suicide.
  4. Engage or participate in flights other than commercial passenger aircraft with regular flight schedules.
  5. Car or motorcycle racing, winter sports (skiing and the like), mountain climbing, obstacle horse racing, air sports (parachuting and the like) as well as any other activities or jobs that involve direct hazards.
  6. Pregnancy, abortion, or childbirth.
  7. Poisoning from food or drink or inhalation or ingestion of chemical elements or substances.
  8. War, terrorist, Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion (SRCC), piracy, kidnapping and injury or death while carrying out military duties.
  9. Deliberate criminal or unlawful acts by the Policy Holder.
  10. Activities or work of a hazardous nature, or work related to heavy or dangerous machinery, for example: Military duties currently being carried out by the Insured, workers in shipyards, workers in mining, operators of fighter aircraft, lorries, warehousing workers, people whose work is directly related to the drilling process, underground construction or in mineral refining, people who are directly related to underwater construction, or working in seafront areas, divers or submariners or boat drivers, people who are directly related to oil and gas drilling earth, its production and refining, people who work in industrial areas, people whose work is directly related to bullets or other explosives, professional sports athletes, cabin employees of airlines on duty or on flight hours, sailors on navigational tasks.

IV. What are the requirements to apply for this insurance?

The allowed age entry is:

  • Minimum: 6 months
  • Maximum: 90 years old

Age is calculated when the prospective Insured is declared to be accepted as the Insured, if the Insured's age is x years y months, then:

  • The age of the Insured is x years if y < 6 (six) months.
  • The age of the Insured is x+1 years if y 6 (six) months.

Determination of the Insured's Age is the closest Insured's Birthday.

And if the insured is different from the Gojek account holder/Policy Holder, then the Insured must be in the same 1 Family Card as the Gojek account holder/Policy Holder.

V. How do I make a claim?

You can submit a claim in the How to claim Safe Trip+ article. In that article you can also see information regarding what documents are required for filing a claim and the deadline for submitting a claim.

VI. Who should I contact when I need further assistance? 

Here is the list of contact you can reach to submit your inquiry:

Prodigi contact information (Monday-Friday, at 08.00-22.00 WIB)

  • Call Center Prodigi: 150118

  • WA Prodigi: +62 812-1264-0206

  • Email Prodigi: cs@prodiginow.com

Sinarmas contact information

Can I stop the Extra Protection I have activated?

Yes, you can deactivate by clicking ‘Deactivate’ on the same page when you activate the Extra Protection insurance. The page is on the GoRide and GoCar order.

Hope this information helps you!