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On-Trip Report Feature
On-Trip Report Feature

If previously you had to complete your trip first to be able to give feedback about the driver’s service, now you can give feedback shortly after your booking is confirmed and during your trip with the ‘On-Trip Report’ feature. Here’s how:

1. Go to your ongoing trip page

2. Click the shield icon, then choose ‘On-trip report; or

Swipe up the driver’s profile, then click ‘Report how’s your driver?’

3. Choose one of the feedback options and leave your comments. You can give more than one feedback throughout your trip.

BUT, if you’re in an emergency situation, please use the ‘Emergency help’ feature.

4. Click ‘Send to Gojek’. Your feedback will be directly sent to our team anonymously.

After your trip is completed, don’t forget to give star ratings for your driver by following the steps here.