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I can’t register
I can’t register

If you can't register to the Gojek app, it might be because of these things:

  • Gojek is currently not available in your home country. We recommend you to register within the Gojek operating countries.
  • You might be using a VPN service. Please ensure that you have disconnected from your VPN service.
  • Your phone number is not supported. Please ensure that you are not using any forms of virtual number or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone number.
  • The email and phone number you used are already registered in another Gojek account. If it is already registered, you just need to click 'Log in'. However, if you've decided to create a new account, please use an email & phone number that has never been registered.
  • OTP code is not received - please check HERE to see the possible solutions.

If you are sure that your phone number has never been registered but the notification stated otherwise, please report it to us through the hyperlink in the article on the Help Page: Open Gojek app > click “I’m new, sign me up” > click icon (i) to direct to Help Page > select “Can’t register” category > select “I can’t register” article.

Make sure you have followed the steps in the article.


If the phone number has been registered and you want to change the registered email with a new one, please log in first and change it in the ‘My Profile’ menu.