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I keep getting logged out of my Gojek account

Did you get a notification like this? If so, it means your current session has been temporarily timed out from our services. This could happen because we do not allow multiple users to share their account at a time. Don’t worry, you may still access your account and GoPay credit upon your next login. 

We understand this rule can be a frustrating experience. However, account sharing is bad for Gojek as it brings fraud and security threats, which the owner of the account will be responsible for. 

To avoid being timed kicked out again, please stop sharing your account with other users. For more information, please click here.

I don’t share my account, why do I get this message?

Another reason you may have received this message is if your account is being accessed by a suspicious device. If you never willingly shared your account, and think someone else has used your account without your permission, please let us know immediately through Help page in your Gojek app


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