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I haven’t received login link
I haven’t received login link

If you did not receive the login link after requesting for it, try the following:

  • Make sure you have entered the correct phone number registered with Gojek 

*Please note that your login link will be sent to that number

  • Ensure that your phone reception is good so you can receive an SMS
  • If you are using a prepaid SIM card, ensure you have sufficient phone credit/pulsa to receive an SMS(depends on the policies of each provider)
  • Wait for the timer to run out for the login link to be sent. After that, you can request a new link by clicking the ‘Resend’ button.

If the above doesn’t work:

  • Try updating the Gojek app to the latest version
  • Try again in a few minutes as there might be an issue with your provider
  • Verify that you did not previously ask your service provider to block any incoming SMS. If you are unsure, please contact your service provider to check
  • Clear your cache by using the following steps:

Hope this helps!

Remember, Gojek will never ask for your login link under any circumstances. Please do not share your login link to any party who claims to be a part of Gojek or its affiliations.