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Gojek Community Guidelines

Gojek Community Guidelines

This guideline is an inseparable part of Terms of Use for Users and Terms of Use for Partners. At Gojek, we’re dedicated to creating an enjoyable and safe environment for everyone on our platform, including our Users and Partners – and we can’t do this without your help! These community guidelines serve as a standard for how users – both customers and driver-partners – within the Gojek community can ensure a pleasant experience for everyone sharing a ride on the roads.

We want to:

Respect each other

As a general rule, treat each other the same way you’d like to be treated. That means being on time for your trips, keeping your spaces clean, cleaning up after yourself, and embracing differences – Gojek users come from all backgrounds!

Stay safe

Safety is of the utmost importance in Gojek, which means users must follow road laws at all times. Don’t go faster than the speed limit or ask drivers to do so. Make sure that all distractions are minimized when the vehicle is on the move, so you as a user, driver, and other people are safe. Don’t forget to keep pickups and drop-offs in areas that are permitted.

Be honest

Gojek follows a 1 - to 5-star rating approach, with 5 being the best. Both customers and drivers are invited to send their ratings and feedback after every order. We’d love for everyone to be honest with how they feel – this helps us improve our services for the entire Gojek community!

How users can lose access

Users can lose access to their Gojek accounts if they don’t follow these community guidelines. Actions that can be deemed as harassment – such as unwanted physical contact and making improper remarks –, discrimination of any kind, and any fraudulent activities go against Gojek’s mission to spread positive social impact through technology.

Customer Guidelines

Tips for pleasant Gojek trip:

  1. Request only when you’re ready
    Drivers on Gojek rely on you order requests for earnings. Be sure to request for a ride only when you’re ready – and cancel only if absolutely necessary.
  2. Acknowledge the terms and conditions for each of Gojek services
    - If you’re using GoRide, GoCar, GoCar (L), and GoBluebird, make sure you always wear a helmet or put on the seatbelt and ensure the number of passengers suit the driver’s vehicle;
    - If you’re using GoFood, GoShop, GoSend, or GoBox, make sure you have given the detailed information of items you buy or send. Also, please make sure that the item you buy or send is legal;
    - If you’re using GoLife, please use the service in a manner of how the service is supposed to be used.
    For more information, you can see the terms and conditions of each service
  3. Choose the right pickup and drop-off points
    Make sure your pickup and drop-off points are the exact place you want and also permitted area, so the driver can pick you up easily. If you find difficulties in finding the pickup and drop-off point, you can use “Select Via Map” feature in the app.

Things Gojek will not tolerate:

Accounts associated with fraudulent activity or misuse of the Gojek app may be frozen. These activities including but not limited to: 

  • Any kind of harassment;
  • Promotions abuse;
  • Account duplication;
  • Account sharing; and/or
  • Suspicious booking activities

If your account is frozen due to the anomaly of mentioned activities and think that's a mistake, you can contact us via Help page in your Gojek app. Please report it to us within the time range stated in the suspension notification you’ve received, otherwise, Gojek has the right to deny your appeal request if you submit it outside the time range.

We will not continue the account freeze if we are sure that the root cause of the account freeze has been solved after our consideration and evaluation.

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