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Can I share my Gojek account?
Can I share my Gojek account?

For a safety reason, we do not allow sharing of accounts between users.

Multiple distinct user patterns within an account can be indicative of fraud, including situations like account hijacking and wallet theft. We have zero tolerance for fraud and activities of this nature.

In addition, having another person share your account poses a serious safety concern to yourself. For example, they could use your account to carry out illegal activities, which you would still be responsible for.

Users who continue to share accounts will be suspended. This means you will be unable to make a booking. Users may also have their wallet balance frozen pending investigation.

We understand that this rule can be a frustrating experience as you may have people you trust your account with. However, the decision to enforce this policy was made in the interest of safety for everyone in our community, and we seek your support to keep Gojek safe.