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How to use my voucher
How to use my voucher

Before using your voucher, kindly read the terms and conditions, also the expiry date of your voucher. After that, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to ‘My Profile’ menu on Gojek app homepage, then choose ‘My Vouchers’. Or go to 'Promos' menu on Gojek app homepage, then choose 'Vouchers'.
  2. Choose ‘Use’ button on the voucher you want to use
  3. Then, you will be automatically directed to Gojek service page based on the voucher you use.

    Example: If you use GoSend voucher, you will be directed to GoSend page so you can use your voucher to make an order.

Please note: Those steps above are general information on how to use the voucher. So, please re-check the how-to-use-this-voucher from each voucher before using it.

Note for GoFood orders:

  • You can find GoFood vouchers/promos by accessing the promo box on the checkout page. 

  • Choose only 1 (one) voucher/promo by clicking ‘Use’ option. 
  • However, you can still apply GoFood PLUS voucher/promo alongside with other vouchers/promotions. Click here for more info.