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GoPay Money Back Guarantee for GoPay Balance & GoPayLater Limit

GoPay Money Back Guarantee for GoPay Balance & GoPayLater Limit
GoPay / 10 Mar 2020

As part of the #AmanBersamaGoPay user safety campaign, we are very excited to introduce the GoPay Money Back Guarantee program - an initiative to offer worry-free transactions for Gojek & GoPay users. Check out the video below!

When you lose GoPay balance and/or GoPayLater limit due to misuse of your Gojek account beyond your control, no need to worry! There is extra protection from the GoPay Money Back Guarantee program that will be able to return the lost balance. Check these out for our extra protection points!

  1. Our customer service is available 24 hours and can be accessed directly from Gojek app to resolve your problems comfortably.
  2. No need to worry, you will be able to claim lost balance up to 60 days after the incident.
  3. Any lost balance will be refunded 100% according to the original amount of GoPay & GoPayLater.

GoPay Money Back Guarantee FAQ

What is Covered?

The program covers fund loss from your GoPay balance and GoPayLater limit due to circumstances outside of your control. The safety of your account is also your responsibility, so please remember to keep your Gojek account secured by setting up a PIN, not sharing OTP, and reporting any suspicious activities related to your account. For more information on how to keep your account safe, please click here

What Cases are Guaranteed?

Your GoPay balance/GoPayLater limit will be refunded should there be any fund loss due to the following:  

  • Brute Force Attack: Balance loss as a result of unauthorized login attempts that lead to Gojek/GoPay account take-over and unauthorized transactions.
  • Phone Loss: Balance loss as a result of the unauthorized transaction(s) after the loss of your mobile device connected to your Gojek / GoPay account.

Who is Guaranteed?

GoPay Money Back Guarantee is only eligible for: verified GoPay users, also known as GoPay Plus, Upgraded GoPay Account. 

  • GoPay users who have successfully upgraded/verified their GoPay account through a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification using a valid ID prior to the occurrence of the guaranteed cases.
  • GoPay users who have activated their PIN code to authenticate GoPay transactions prior to the occurrence of the guaranteed cases.

How to Process a Claim?

1. On the Gojek app homepage, click Eksplor or Explore.

2. Check the Plus menu.

3. Click Jaminan Saldo Kembali or Money Back Guarantee.

4. Click the Claim Refund or Ajukan Klaim button.

5. Fill in the form completely to speed up the investigation process.

6. Check the progress of your claim process through My Tickets on the homepage of the Gojek app. Click here to read more about My Tickets.

What are the Data Needed for the Claim?

Your claim is not valid if:

  • User fails to produce sufficient supporting evidence and/or required documents related to the case.
  • Fund loss is a result of consumer negligence with regard to Gojek / GoPay account security or scam cases (including but not limited to account misuse as a result of OTP code sharing to a third party and/or making payments outside of the Gojek application) and/or phishing attempts.
  • If there is a reasonable belief that the user has an abusive or fraudulent intention that may harm Gojek or its users.

The GoPay Money Back Guarantee is subject to (i) GoPay Terms of Use; (ii) general terms and conditions for use of the Gojek application; (iii) special terms and conditions that apply to each service feature available on the Gojek application; (iv) privacy policy; and (v) applicable laws and regulations. We reserve the right to update the GoPay Money Back Guarantee and the availability of this program from time to time.

With GoPay Money Back Guarantee, you can use GoPay worry-free. Also, see the terms and conditions in here. Don't forget to always apply J.A.G.A, because your account safety is also your responsibility. Start by verifying your GoPay account by upgrading your account and installing a PIN.

If you have further question or need more information, don't hesitate to send an email to customerservice@gojek.com or call 021-50849000. 

Let’s share this information with family, friends, and anyone who needs it! Cick the button below to upgrade to GoPay Plus or claim!