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That's right! (021) 80643104 and (021) 50849090 are Official Phone Number from Gojek

That's right! (021) 80643104 and (021) 50849090 are Official Phone Number from Gojek
Gojek / 10 Dec 2020

You’ve got a call from (021) 80643104 or(021) 50849090 and the person on the phone claims to be someone from Gojek but you’re suspicious that it’s a scammer’s number? Indeed, you should always be careful and you’re doing the right thing by trying to check this fact. But, to answer your question, it’s true that (021) 80643104 and (021) 50849090 are Gojek's official number ;)

(021) 80643104 and (021) 50849090 are the phone numbers that Gojek uses to make calls to Customers, Driver Partners, and Business Partners when we need to contact you to follow up on your report or for survey purposes to improve Gojek services. So, you don't need to be suspicious anymore!

However, please note that (021) 80643104 and (021) 50849090 are one-way phone numbers that can only be used by Gojek to contact you. So, unfortunately, you can’t contact Gojek through this number.

But don't worry! If you need help or have questions/complaints regarding Gojek services, you can contact us via Gojek app Help page for Customers, GoPartner app Help page for Driver Partners, or GoBiz app Help page for Gojek Business Partners. Read more about it here (for customers).

Don't forget to always be careful and cautious of those who claim to be a part of Gojek and never share your PIN or OTP code with anyone. Gojek and its affiliates never ask you to share your PIN or OTP code.

Read more about fraud schemes by scammers who claim to be Gojek here: Gojek Fraud: How to Detect it, Avoid it, Report it