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Gojek’s Help Desk Feature: One App Away from Reporting Fraud Worries

Gojek’s Help Desk Feature: One App Away from Reporting Fraud Worries
Gojek · 3 Feb 2020

Hi Gojekers!

There is always something new at Gojek! Introducing the latest Help Page feature, a help page for all frequently asked solutions about Gojek in one application.

Recently, there are lots of reports circulating online saying that some parties claiming from Gojek try to take over your account and steal your GoPay credit. I know, those fraudsters can get you worried. That is why we are going to make the problem identification and report processes easier. We just launched a complaint service for you through the app and Gojek.com website. All the information you need will be available there. As a SuperApp, we are committed to giving you solutions to all complications.

You can access our help page in various ways. For complaints regarding Gojek orders including possible fraud. You can access our help page by following these steps:

  1. Explore our Help Desk article for each service through the app.
    My Account > Help
  2. Access it through our Help Page from the app.
    My Account Menu > Help > All Orders > Select History > Need Help
  3. Access it through History menu in the app
    Orders > History > Select History > Need Help
  4. For complaints related to GoPay.
    Gojek home page (Gojek.com)> GoPay> Need Help

You can also send a report if you need further assistance based on the problem you are experiencing, directly from the help page. Your report will be handled directly.

In our newest Help Page, you can submit reports related to any orders you have made. From the application, you can report many kinds of problems, including lost items to accidents that happened to you while traveling with Gojek. From reports related to issues that you find when making payments, to your unpleasant experiences with Gojek driver-partners. 

Don't forget to upgrade your Gojek app to get the latest and most complete Gojek help desk service.